I Can Happenings

Ahoy me hearties! It’s been a bountiful year on the spectrum seas. The I Can Network has expanded its crew, faced great challenges, and emerged victorious, and as 2014 draws to a close, we’re sailing into exciting and uncharted waters. There have been so many highlights this year is hard

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I Can testimonials

Working with the I CAN Network has been an awesome roller coaster! It has given me the courage to try more than I could ever do and I’m ever so grateful for everyone in the team giving me all the positive reinforcement I needed to keep going. 🙂  All the

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Our first teen’s camp

By Max Williams After the slightly bumpy but transcendent success of our adult’s camp in April, we at the I Can Network set our sights on the next logical step; a camp for teenagers on the autism spectrum. This was perhaps the greatest challenge our organization has undertaken to date. Because many

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I lost the war to a bike!

I’d hate to see how I look when I’m getting on a bike. If I’m riding in a big group, I always make sure to savour the moment when everyone else is starting to mount their bikes too. I look down and start getting the pedal into a good position

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The Outro – July Grapevine

It began with a crazy conversation. I Can leader James Ong and I met up at the Monash University Den in May 2013 and started dreaming up the I Can Network. We talked about bringing Autistic young people together through strengths-based networks that could span schools, universities and training institutions.

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So, do you work?

Here’s a sobering statistic: 66% of adults with autism in Australia are unemployed, compared to 6% of the general adult population. In other words, only one in three has a job, and we are eleven times less likely to have a job compared to our non-autistic counterparts. People often ask

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Organise an I Can Speaker

If you would like to help spread the ‘I Can’ message, you can request one of our volunteers to come and present at your school, tertiary institution, community organisation, conference, government department, etc. We have many volunteers who would love to share their ‘I Can’ stories with you! So far,

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Penny Robinson takes “I Can” to the tracks

When I first went to a Come ‘N Try Track Day at DISC (Darebin International Sports Complex) – the wooden indoor velodrome in Thornbury – I never imagined that I’d eventually get a National bronze medal for racing on that same scary track, in addition to numerous State (2 Gold,

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