AWEgust 2016: Great Success!

Well chums, Spring has finally Sprung, and the month of AWEgust is behind us. This year, our AWEgust for AWEtism campaign was able to raise over $52,000; an increase of $20,000 from last year’s total. To say we’re pleased with this would be like saying that the surface of the

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AWEgust Profile: Michelle Worsley

Good morrow, Awesomenauts! Our AWEgust fundraiser is on the brink of the $45,000 mark, and to make the occasion, here’s our 5th and final AWEgust Profile; Michelle Worsley, who recently joined the I CAN Network as a Network Leader. “HEY HEY! Michelle here. I’m fundraising because I care about helping

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AWEgust Profile – Kym Berry

Aloha lovely people! This year’s AWEgust for AWEtism campaign is absolutely smashing expectations, so first of all a massive thanks to everyone who has participated so far. The star of our fourth AWEgust Profile hails from Sydney, where the I CAN Network is not yet established, though we certainly hope

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AWEgust Profile: Ben Carbonaro

In celebration of breaking the $30k mark, it’s time for the third entrant in our AWEgust Profile feature to take the stand. Ladies and gentlemen, Mr Ben Carbonaro! “Joining the I CAN Network as a mentor has given me a greater appreciation for why the talents of people on the Autism

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AWEgust Profile: Carla Burn

We’re handing the mic to our resident comedian Carla, who is giving up sweets for the month. Check it out! “Gosh, where do I start? I guess the beginning. Duh. I first heard about the I CAN Network in the middle of 2015. It all happened after a miserable break up

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AWEgust Profile: Stacey McEwan

Greetings fellow humanoids! It’s your Editor in Chief Max here, and as we’ve finally reached AWEgust itself, we’ll be doing a series of profiles this month, looking at some of the people who have taken up a fundraising challenge for our AWEgust for AWEtism campaign. To kick things off, we

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Spectrum Showcase: Alex Segal and the Numbees

Hello! My name is Alexander and I am the inventor of the Numbees. I like spending time with my dad, playing with my sisters Rachel and Libby, playing “contested territory” in Monkey City, collecting Pokémon cards, computer programming in Scratch, and, of course, The Numbees. Numbees Origin Story Once upon

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Spectrum Showcase: Harry Ryan Eksteen

Aloha! In this entry of Spectrum Showcase, we have our youngest participant yet, who in addition to sharing his keen eye for colour, was also kind enough to give us an exclusive interview. Check it out! By Harry Ryan Eksteen, 6 (turning 7 on the 31st of this month; that’s

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I CAN Story: Kaithy Zhang

I was firstborn daughter of a biomedical engineer and a primary school teacher. The first 9 years of my life were spent growing up in an industrial city in a third-world country. I never felt like I belonged to this world, one of tall buildings, covered in smoke, with such a

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