Awegust for Awetism: The Results!

First of all, I’d like to give a humongous shoutout to everyone who participating in our Awegust campaign, whether you took on a challenge, or donated to someone who did. If there was a legal limit for awesomeness, none of you would be allowed to operate heavy machinery.

All up, we managed to raise a whopping $31,000. To put things in perspective, that’s enough to establish mentoring programs in six new schools, pay for over a hundred workshops, or train over a thousand mentors!

Seeing so many people donate their time and money, (and in the case of some challenges, almost their insanity!) to support people on the autism spectrum has been truly inspiring. The I Can Network survives on the dedication and generosity of people like you, so give yourselves a ginormous round of applause!

Max Williams


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