In the long run (Awegust challenge)

4:50am, I am woken by the annoying sound of my alarm. Not every day starts this way, up before the sparrow, blending a mix of nutrients so hopefully this time I can make it through 30 minutes of personal training (PT) without feeling sick.

My personal AWEgust challenge began 15 something years ago, I was much younger and naturally fit. Could eat what I wanted and dance the night away. Unfortunately as it does, time caught up to me. As the Doctor said, ‘You’re not just sitting on the couch, you’re starting to look like it.’ (Matt Smith)

For so many years I had told myself I couldn’t, but at the same time said that ‘anything is possible’. So, I thought I would push myself and go from zero level of fitness (getting puffed going up stairs) to running 5km (Couch to 5k). I told a friend and he obviously wasn’t impressed because next thing I heard, I was competing in a Triathlon! Though I’m not interested in doing a Triathlon, it did make me ask if I was stretching myself enough. My ‘Couch to 5km’ quickly turned into ‘7km with 20 obstacles’(Spartan Sprint) to ‘20km with 22 obstacles’.(Tough Mudder)

This leads me back to 4:50am. Pushing myself to get out of bed early enough so my breakfast can translate into energy, driving 40 minutes to the Gym for 30 minutes of cardio or weights. To be honest, I’m struggling. Struggling to get out of bed, struggling that every PT session has to end short because I’m on the verge of losing breakfast, struggling because I start to give in to the voices that say ‘you’re not good enough’ or ‘you’re going to fail’. I silence the internal monologue and just keep pushing on.

Every day I take medication for a blood disorder, which amongst other things, lowers my immune system and leads to me picking up colds easier. I’m currently overweight and not getting any younger. It would be easy to say enough is enough and give up the dream of being fitter, but then ‘anything is possible’.

Believe in yourself, surround yourself with people who believe in you and you can achieve vastly more than you could dream.

Can I go from Couch to Tough Mudder? Damn right I can! So think of me on October 17 as I squelch my way through a 20km mud filled course.

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Damien Watson, Innovator


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