Spectrum Showcase: Prue Stevenson

Aloha fellow earthlings, it’s your friendly neighbourhood Editor Max Williams here.

One of the coolest things about my job at I CAN Network is that I get to meet so many remarkable individuals with such diverse and extraordinary talents. Today, it is my privilege to present one such individual; Ms Prue Stevenson, an artist on the spectrum whose work serves as a conduit for her autistic energy and a voice for autism advocacy.

Prue recently received the “Emerging Leader” award at VAC2016, and this particular piece of hers is currently in the running for the Autism CRC Art Prize. Check it out!

prue's art work

“In creating this work I was thinking about how, when I focus on something I like, and decide to put 110% into it, I lose track of time, sometimes forgetting to eat, because I am so involved in the project.

This painting is about the tunnel vision of focussing on just that one thing, and becoming really good at it.

It depicts really detailed thoughts in the middle, then blurs towards the edges, and time does not exist.” – Prue Stevenson


You can see more of Prue’s work at: http://www.pruestevenson.com/


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